PDF/UA Foundation

We’re committed to making free end-user tools available, promoting document accessibility, and building up a network of engaged organizations.

Who we are

The PDF/UA Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2021. It is governed by an elected Advisory Board including disabilities organizations.

What we do

The PDF/UA Foundation is committed to:

End-user tools

Ensuring end-users have free access to PDF/UA compliant tools to help with reading, testing and accessing PDF/UA compliant documents.


Publishing studies together with regional and global partners about the current status of document accessibility around the world.

Training and tutorials

Offering free training, workshops and tutorials about how to check, create and use accessible documents.

Raising public awareness of PDF accessibility

Communicate the essential role of document accessibility for achieving an inclusive society.

Promoting implementation of PDF accessibility

Promoting and ensuring PDF/UA is implemented in other tools and leveraging the collaboration between developers and end-users.

Our Mission

Building the future of document accessibility

Document accessibility is a crucial but often forgotten part of an inclusive web. The PDF/UA Foundation is committed to ensuring the best end-user experience for the most widely used document format in the world and contributing to the future of document accessibility.

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