The New Home of PAC

As the home of PAC 2021, we are committed to ensuring the future of free PDF accessibility testing.

Check out the latest version of the global benchmark for PDF accessibility testing, now with more features, including WCAG validation.

Welcome to the PDF/UA Foundation

The PDF/UA Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on being the definitive place on the internet to find the latest and most accurate information about what an accessible PDF is along with how to create, read and test them.

The PDF/UA Foundation is committed to ensuring the best end-user experience for the world's most widely used document format. We will be creating content over the coming weeks and months to help educate end-users and authors about the latest techniques and tips to ensure the best reading experience possible. We also want to debunk some of the old myths about why PDF was perceived as inaccessible before.

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are non-profit organizations committed to excellence in digital accessibility. They have joined the PDF/UA Foundation to encourage their members and communities to demand the best in PDF accessibility. Learn more about how our Ambassadors are making a difference by selecting their logos below.

  • Access Israel
  • Visit Point de Vue sur la Ville
  • The CNIB Foundation
  • Digital Echo
  • Logo Hilfsgemeinschaft
  • KI-I Competence Network Information Technology to Support the Integration of People with Disabilities (Austria)
  • MAB Metrolina Association for the Blind (USA)
  • Chax Chat - Accessibility Podcast
  • IWA - International Web Association
  • Suarise - Digital Content Writing X Digital Accessibility
  • Centre For Accessibility Australia - Organisation
  • OZeWAI - Australian Web Accessibility Initiative

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Our Supporters

We would like to thank the following supporters who made PAC 2021 possible in the first place:

  • Tall Components
  • Logo axes4
  • AbleDocs